13 thoughts on “Gazelles

  1. If you dont mind, exactly where do you host your web page? I am shopping for a great host and your webpage appears to be quick and up all the time

      1. Salam. I hope you’re doing great.
        Do you have a page on flicker? You must have one ,people there will be mesmerized by your photos and the beauty they’re repleting with . I find them inspiring,just looking at that picture of “gazelle” makes an idea of a short story come to my mind. You’re doing great job here, never ever stop showing the beauty Allah created ,it’s like you’re carrying a message of beauty .Umm,are there any pictures of daisy flowers or butterflies ,I love them soO much 🙂

      2. Thanks a lot for the nice words. I am so glad and honored that you like my blog and I will keep on posting some good pictures 🙂 and I have to say that your blog is amazing and one of my favorites.
        Of course I have a page on Flickr (http://www.flickr.com/photos/basharsaidi/).
        I will do my best to do some daisy flowers or butterflies photography 🙂

      3. Taking breath-taking photograps as yours entails talent and sensing beauty . You’re a talented photographer,I wish you the best. You’re showing people here the beauty of Arab world ,keep doing that,it’s your mission 🙂

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